Refining consists of a few steps:

  • Neutralisation; removal of free fatty acids
  • Bleaching; removal of colorants and oxidised material
  • Deodorisation; removal of colorants and off taste components.

Oil refineries can deliver the required oil or fat in a state that the fat is fresh, without any off-taste.

Peroxide value (POV) and free fatty acid level (ffa) are low.

The taste of the refined oil or fat should be plain and the taste keepability should also be good:

  • The taste keepability of the oil/fat fresh and after storage
  • The taste keepability of the oil/fat in the final food itself

The taste keepability of an oil/fat depends on:

  • The quality of the crude oil
  • The refining of the oil
  • The storage of the oil; time temperature
  • The presence of heavy metals and oxidation promoters
  • in the fat but also in the food itself
  • The unsaturation of the oil.

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