End-application approach

In the end application approach it is important to understand what the most important requirements are in order to define the optimal fat for each food application.

Raw materials and ingredients
Fat processing technologies
re requirements

Liquid oils like Refining N-values
SF, RP, BO, CS     Neutralisation Hardness values
      Bleaching Plasticity
Fats like     Deodorisation Creaming performance
PO, POs, ET Oil modification Crystallisation rate
      Hardening Homogeneity
Laurics     Fractionation Spreadability
PK and CN     Interesterification spattering
Butterfat Blending of fats Heat stability
Ingredients Margarine composition Taste keepability
    Anti-oxidants Fat crystallisation Oral melt
    Flavours Margarine processing Coolness
    Salt Packaging Frying stability
    Citric acid    
    SMP, BMP, WP Temperature Healthy parameters
    colourants     Storage     Pufa/safa
      Distribution      trans

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