fatsforfoods consultant

Gabrie Lansbergen
Lange Kerkdam 62,
2242 BX Wassenaar,
The Netherlands

About me

40 years global experience in the following areas:

  • Research, development and manufacturing of fats/margarines. Since 2003 as consultant
  • 10 patents, mainly on fat composition in relation to product properties
  • Customer driven end-application approach
  • optimization of retail margarines, bakery margarines and industrial fats
  • practical application of fats in various types of foods
  • Visit of food manufacturers
  • use of oil modification techniques
  • optimization of fat blends
  • reduction of trans and saturated fatty acids
  • understanding of fat crystallization
  • local availability of raw materials
  • bridging the gap between fat suppliers and food manufacturers; details
  • innovation and global roll-out of innovations with local adaptations
  • teaching courses and giving on the spot training
  • problem solving and product commissioning

Please ask for support or information by phone or e-mail, if you are interested or if you have a specific question.

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