Dairy fat

Dairy fat (butterfat) is used in all kind of applications.

Dairy fat has a very good taste, but the costs are high. Moreover, the Safa and cholesterol content are high. In more and more applications a vegetable fat is offered/used as a replacement of dairy fat:

  • Margarines are an old example. By replacing butter fat first by other animal fats (tallow) and later by vegetable fats in butter, the production of margarines was introduced. Later margarines were produced with all kinds of fat levels (40-80%), whilst butter contains about 82% fat. The pufa/safa ratio of the fat in present margarines is much better than in Butterfat.
  • Reconstituted milk. Milk powder is exported all over the world and locally reconstituted milk is prepared using milk powder and vegetable fat.
  • On the same way coffee creamers are manufactured with as basis milk powders and vegetable fats
  • Milk and coffee creamers are available, in which a liquid oil is applied as “fat’; health claims can then be used.
  • In USA and in a number of other countries in Europe also vegetable creams are manufactured; high levels of laurics in this vegetable version are applied
  • In ice cream still a lot of butter fat (or milk) is used but all over the world also vegetable fats have been applied for a long time.

Because of functionality and health claims the vegetable fats can differ remarkably in N-lines from the N-line of Butterfat, as shown below.

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