Raw materials

The main raw materials are given in the three groups below, together with the two letter code:

Non-Laurics Laurics Animal
Soybean oil (BO)
Rapeseed oil (RP)
Palmoil (PO)
Sunflower oil (SF)
Cottonseed oil (CS)
Corn or maize oil (MZ)
Groundnut (AR)
Rice bran (RI)
Cocoa butter (CB)
Palm kernel (PK)
Coconut oil (CN)
Babassu (BS)
Butter (BU)
Lard (LA)
Tallow (ET)

Before these oils and fats can be used for application in foods, the crude materials have to be refined and usually also modified and possibly blended in order to get the right properties of the fat for a certain application.

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